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First flash, nice!

u really remind me a lot to myself some time ago, uve been also inpired by alvin huh? same here XD, that guy got me into flash animating and submited a flash featuring sonic as well, but shadow and link a few minutes ago, actualy a game, anyways, NICE WORK. Effects were quite good, blurring also gave it a more time-consuming effect like u did put a lot of effort into it. Fighting scenes would have been better if u had used a faster fps but its ok, try 25frames per second, thats the standard for some good running, or 30-35fps if ur doing fast paced action. Keep up the great work, also, IM looking for some sonic voice effects, mind letting me know where u got them? Ive been looking everywhere for them, but never found them, only some dbz and star wars sound pack XD. Still, awesome work dude!!!

Taijj responds: .html there is a bunch of voice clips from different sonic games. seaction=blog.view&friendId=314476548 &blogId=360642399 and here are some voice clips from story events

Put them to good use ;)

And btw my video was in 25fps :P But i sometimes doubled frames because some movements would be too fast...

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Zenon's Boss Battle--_--LOOP Zenon's Boss Battle--_--LOOP

Rated 5 / 5 stars

HELL!! I will use this

yet another master piece...will use it, and will give u credit for it =p